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One of the TAs  at school had her last day yesterday. She wasn’t there very long but she was super nice and I liked to talk to her even though my Korean is terrible and her English was only so-so. She quit because she’s getting married and she invited me to her wedding! I’m really excited and her wedding photos are so pretty~ It’ll be my first time going to a Korean wedding. I have this feeling it’ll be a bit like the Chinese wedding I went to.

140930 kimheenim: the collar that Heebummie was wearing originally had a cute little bell that goes ting-a-ling^-^ I was thinking about how cute it was when you hear the bell sound whenever this fellow Heebummie moves around.. The bell sound that allows me to find Heebummie wherever he hides was really cute and lovely^-^ and after some time(,) it was the night and it was time for me to sleep…. “Ting a ling ting a ling ting a ling ting a ling ting a ling ling ling ling ling ldhsosnla” arghhhhh!! Its noisy!! I can’t sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i took out the bell^.~ #HEEBUM #HEECHUL (cr)

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Jackson watching Gook Joo noona dance~


sm: due to *spins colorful wheel* scheduling conflicts, *throws a dart at board* shinee’s minho *picks card* was uninvited to our birthday party?

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steal his look: royal azalea boy.

gucci slim fit cotton shirt - £215

ventuno 21 satin skinny tie red - £15

fred perry black sweater vest - £61

florist rose bud in red - £1.78

steel intelligent quartz fly-back chronograph - £123.07


kyungsoo & chanyeol

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