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Luis Camnitzer - The Photograph (1981)


The Screenshot (2014)

The Reblog (2014)

EXO 90:2014 MV Remake - EXO Sehun “Yo!” by G.O.D - ft. SMROOKIES’ Johnny and Taeyong

Is anyone else watching It’s Ok It’s Love? I really really want to know what’s wrong with Jae Yeol. I studied psychology a little in college but I don’t remember learning anything about an illness that involves coughing, hand pain, and hallucinations. 

What is ittttttt???

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"If I met you in real life…" Finish it in my ask.
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Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_MAMACITA(아야야)_Music Video

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Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

I had a k-pop dream for the first time in a while. Haha. It had Leeteuk in it too! Which was pretty random. I don’t remember all the details but for some reason I was at the Super Junior apartment (I think) and I was trying to get something from him and trying to talk to him in Korean but my Korean sucks so after awhile I gave up. Then we were putting a bunch of stuff into my van and I was asking him for directions but he just got into his car and wanted me to follow him. He didn’t go very far though so I think I tried to ask him for directions again. Or I just gave up. I don’t remember.

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