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So I have to grade “book reports” (the kids read an English book and answer a couple of questions or draw a picture) at school and there’s this one book that I’m starting to develop my own back story to because I’ve had to grade the paper so many times. I’ve never even read the book.

It’s called Look What I’ve Got! And apparently its about this one boy Jeremy who’s always showing off something new to another boy who doesn’t care. One of the questions on the book report is “Describe Jeremy” I’m like, Jeremy’s a show off and isn’t old enough to understand his feelings. “What I think about him” Jeremy actually likes Sam but acts like a dumbass.

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in which zhou mi refuses to translate lies

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When I’m really bored I do things like learning all the words to Savage Garden’s I Want You or learning the choreography to Girls Generation’s Gee.

hurray for resolutions! Haha hopefully he’s turned over a new leaf or something

Yeah, let’s hope. Or he thinks I know enough Korean to tell his grandmother when he’s misbehaving.

what happened??

It’s kind of a long story and it’s probably not that impressive, but yeah. I have this one student, Joon, who is constantly acting up in class. He sings, gets out of his seat, talks to the other students, speaks Korean, doesn’t do his work, and has an attitude in general while I’m teaching. I was at the end of my rope with him last week, so I asked for some advice online and got some good feedback that gave me some ideas.

As a precaution I talked to the director of the school before classes started, telling her about Joon’s behavior. When Joon got to school it was time to put my plan into action! I made him sit at the front of the class (because he always sits in the back), and I made him put his book bag under the desk so he couldn’t get distracted. I had him pull out his pencils and book and nothing else. 

So, I don’t know if it was because he was sitting at the front, if the material for that day was easier than normal, or, possibly, because he was impressed by my saying hello to his grandmother, whom had popped by the school for a minute, in Korean… but he actually raised his hand! He didn’t sing! He talked a little in Korean but not as much as he usually did! He did his work!!!! ;A; I was so happy and proud of him!

And then some other fun things happened later that day with my older students and I had a lot of laughs. So, it was a great day!

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I had an astounding day at work yesterday and no one to tell it to!!!! DDDDDD:

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