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In the workbook for my older class, the lesson was on holidays and vacations, there was a fill-in-the-blank activity about a holiday and festival in this one country. The fill-in-the-blank used the words “weird” and “wacky” to describe the festival (because those were the vocab words for the lesson).

Needless to say I had my students skip that activity.

I asked my students how they would feel if someone called Korean holidays weird.

go on anon and tell me who u think my top 5 biases are

Went out to Hongdae yesterday to see a friend. We went to Sinchon to get lunch and ended up going through the area that had the watergun festival. It was crazy but looked like so much fun! I wish I had known about it beforehand so I could have really participated. Apparently Henry had been there only half an hour before my friend and I got there. Ugh. Bitter. 

But we had some pretty good food at this place called New York B&C. The waiter was really cute too and spoke English. ;D After that we went back to Hongdae so I could buy a sketch book at the university art store. Then we went all the way to Jungno (?) because my friend wanted to see 100% at their fansign. It was a very tiny fansign but 100% is still new. I got pretty damn close to them when they were leaving, too, but I can’t fully appreciate it because I don’t listen to their music. Shrug.

And then for dinner we went back to Hongdae to this place called Cooking Mate, which has apparently been on the Olive channel in Korea. I ate so much food yesterday.


people with small boobs can sleep on their stomachs so who’s the real winner here

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Saw some group called 100%. Maybe you’ve heard of them.

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140725 Henry’s surprise visit @ Sukira <3

omg its like mommy and baby bird lol