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very rough drawing of Chen. But I like the way it came out.




kyungsoo & chanyeol

On Saturday I’ll be going to get a couple of Ailee’s new albums for her fansign. Anyone interested in an Ailee giveaway?

Also, I’ve been thinking about selling a couple of my k-pop albums. The price would be the cost of shipping&handling out of Korea plus a few extra dollars. The albums I’m thinking about selling are: VIXX’s Eternity, Block B’s 1st and 2nd mini albums. I’m on the fence about selling EXO’s Overdose even though I’m not into them anymore but it has sentimental value. Haha.


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So… when can we expect the members of EXO to be running around in wigs and skinny jeans singing and dancing to girl group songs?

I posted this two years ago and I’m still waiting.

chenchen in die jungs

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when sehun lost the game

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