Is it just me or is the gmarket site nit working? I just want tickets!! Work damn you!

but when do the tickets go on sale?!?!?!

Presale is tonight, but that’s for fans only. When is regular sale???

140415 comeback showcase - exo - run

140415 comeback showcase - exo - intro + mv

Since I wasn’t feeling well yesterday I bribed my students into behaving with snacks, and if they didn’t speak any Korean and got their work done I would show an EXO video.

They’ve never been so quiet.


baekhyun jus salty because tao and kai got normal melanin levels and dont look like curdled milk

EXO-M The 2nd Mini Album ‘上瘾 (Overdose)’ Highlight Medley

Was anything said today about the EXO concert? I’ve been trying to take care of my sinus infection and no time to scroll through my dash. If there’s any information, I’d be very grateful to hear it. Please and thank you.